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Standing Committees
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CAFC members play a vital role in the Association’s governance and policy through their involvement in committees. Committee members are subject matter experts, gather critical information, produce reports and provide recommendations and guidance to CAFC’s Board of Directors.


If you are a member of CAFC and interested in sitting in one or more of the Association's committee, please forward a statement of interest along with a brief resume to [email protected] in order to be considered by the President.


The following are CAFC’s standing committees:


Building and Codes Committee

  • Develop and provide CAFC members with established protocols to follow if they are recommending the CAFC to consider sponsoring an amendment to a Code, Standard or Guideline.
  • Act as a Point of Entry for CAFC members who are recommending that the CAFC sponsor an amendment to a Code, Standard or Guideline.
  • Facilitate and present a CAFC sponsored amendment to the Code, Standard or Guideline Organization if/when requested and approved by the CAFC Executive Committee.


Chair: Deputy Fire Chief Brad Lorne, Calgary Fire Department
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Editorial Committee

  • To develop themes and content ideas for the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs’ official magazine, “The Canadian Fire Chief – Le Directeur” with the aim of assisting the Association’s membership to:
    • Learn about and understand emerging and persistent issues as they pertain to the profession
    • Learn about risk and liability
    • Consider and understand Best Practices approaches
    • Promote a dialog on the many aspects of being a chief fire officer
    • Develop improved leadership and management skills in the fire services. 
  • To provide general and specific guidance and editorial approval to the publishers of the Magazine, specifically with respect to article focus and content.  
  • To review advertising content, and to provide approval for advertisements where content of the ads is in question or may not be in the best interests of the Association. 
  • To ensure that the magazine presents a professional and current perspective in support of the goals and objectives of the Executive, of the Membership of the Association, and of the profession. 
  • To review and approve each issue of the Magazine in a timely manner prior to publication.


Chair: Fire Chief Rob Evans, Redwood Meadows Fire Emergency Service
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Fire & Life Safety Committee

  • To position the CAFC as the voice of public fire and life safety education for all Canadians and to support the fire service in their public fire and life safety efforts by developing campaigns, programs and initiatives for the safety of all Canadians.


Chair: Fire Chief Tom Bremner, Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue
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Government Relations Committee

  • To ensure that CAFC is viewed by elected representatives and officials of the Government of Canada, and other identified publics, as the voice of the Fire Services in Canada; and to ensure that elected government representatives and officials are aware of and understand the concerns of the Canadian Fire Services.  It will achieve this by developing and presenting specific issues in a timely, responsible and mature manner that is totally non-partisan.


Chair: Fire Chief Rob Simonds, Hamilton Fire Department
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Labour Relations Committee

  • To provide CAFC members with a venue to receive education, access information resources and create networking opportunities to assist in dealing with the labour costs and issues facing the Canadian fire service. The Committee will create a secure database for arbitration rulings, Labour Board decisions, collective agreements and trends facing the Canadian fire service.
  • To foster partnerships and opportunities to collaborate with other associations on similar endeavours (i.e. IAFC on labour relations, IAFF on health and safety issues).


Chair: Deputy Fire Chief Neil Johnson, Calgary Fire Department
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Membership Committee

  • To plan the membership recruitment program for attracting new members and retaining existing members.  To increase awareness of membership benefits, activities and events among members and to promote the benefits of membership to the fire service throughout the country. 


Chair: Deputy Fire Chief Neil Johnson, Calgary Fire Department
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Nominations Committee

  • To ensure that there is a minimum of one (1) candidate for each elected office as defined in Article 1.13.
  • To ascertain that the candidates named are prepared and willing to carry out the duties of the proposed office.
  • To advise the President, forty-five (45) calendar days prior to the AGM that nominees are prepared and willing to stand for election at the AGM.
  • To present their report and accept nominations from the Active Members eligible to vote during the first business session the day after the opening of the AGM. 
  • To, if necessary, prepare ballots for an election and be responsible for the conduct and holding of elections during the second business day after the opening of the AGM.


Chair: Fire Chief Tom Bremner, Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue
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Resolutions, Bylaws & Constitution Committee

  • To review CAFC’s Bylaws and Constitution for amendments to be brought forward via Resolutions to the membership at the AGM
  • To ensure that CAFC’s Bylaws and Constitution are current with Industry Canada’s Canada Corporations Act and to review, consider, produce and recommend resolutions for the AGM (see CAFC bylaws)


Chair: Fire Chief Dennis Pilon, Swift Current Fire Department
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